PostNL Online Recruitment

One of the key difficulties for PostNL is the very strong fluctuation in available vacancies over time, caused by seasonality and high turnaround rates for part-timers. In addition, vacancies are available in a number of regions, cities and villages and had to be filled by people living in close to the location of the job offer. Thirdly a large variety in job types or titles had to be covered. Last but not least the orientation for part-time jobs is often quite generic.


  • Vacancies need to be fulfilled in more than 750 areas across NL
  • High fluctuations in availability
  • The part time jobs offered by PostNL have high attrition rates
  • Orientation for part time jobs can be quite generic

Results & Solution

10.000 Fulfilling applications

800 locations in the Netherlands

-50% hours

Our solution resulted in achieving the target of fulfilling 10.000 applications in 800 locations. We saved -50% hours, time which we now spend on smart optimizations instead of standardized manual work.